Last weekend I came to the realization that I have a crazy amount of works-in-progress happening right now. No wonder I feel like I'm not making progress on any one thing. So, to hold myself accountable (and to show you all how nuts I am), here's a run down.

Mom's Featherweight Cardigan
I already talked about this a little bit here, but my mom asked me to knit this for her for Christmas. So I'm trying to get it finished before I see her again at Thanksgiving. I would really prefer not to mail it, since weird things do happen and sometimes things go missing or get damaged in the mail. Plus, selfishly, I really want to see the look on her face when she opens it and tries it on. Worth every stitch.

Mom's Featherweight
Knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in Cousteau

Featherweight Cardigan, the second
This featherweight is for me, so it's less of a priority right now. I'd love to have it to wear this fall, but I have other, more pressing projects. It's fingering weight, so it's going much faster than the first one and it's a pretty relaxing, no stress knit. I pick it up from time to time when I need something easy to do.

Knit in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Pearlescent

Pinwheel Blanket
My soon-to-be-three year old (!) asked me to yarn him something. We're still working on the correct terminology, but in the meantime I said yes. He is obsessed with blankets, so I'm making this for his third birthday - November 24th. I have "lovingly" called this the "pinwheel of doom" because it is never-ending. I've made awesome progress, but I still have over 50% left to finish. The trick is that I can only work on this once he's asleep for the night, so I tend not to work on it as much as I should. That, and it's HUGE so I don't take it to knit night.

Knit in Joann Sensations Lustrous Lamb in Gold and Denim Blue

Luuk Hat
Just a quick hat for Jack (the above-mentioned almost 3 year old). He needs a new hat to match his coat. The coat he picked is gray and lime green - that's my boy!

Edit: I wrote this post on Tuesday (10/8/12) afternoon, but scheduled it to post on Wednesday. I finished the hat before this went live. Yay, one more WIP off the list!

Knit in Cascade 220 in Lime Heather

Herringbone Cowl
This has been in my WIP pile for an embarrassingly long time, like over a year. It's something that I would really love to wear, but I hate knitting it. I find the herringbone stitch to be really boring, and it's slow, so I never make any progress and I get annoyed with it. I'd love to finish this sometime this fall/winter so I can just get it out of the WIP pile and MOVE ON. It's that or frog it and I've come to far to frog. I had originally planned to make this out of 3 skeins of Berroco Vintage, but I'm almost finished the second skein and I may just call it quits after this.

Knit in Berroco Vintage in Buttercream

Clara Dress
Ohhh this dress. It has given me nothing but trouble from the second I started winding the yarn. The yarn was incredibly knotted and tangled in the hank (don't know what that was about, I'm guessing it came like that from Cascade because it looked totally fine when I started winding). I finally powered through that and cast on only to have my needle splinter about an inch into the lace pattern. I placed the project onto a spare needle while I waited for a replacement only to realize it was way too big. Like gigantic. I got gauge (I ALWAYS swatch), but it was still humungous. So that meant I had to start over. I attempted to start over twice. Both times I cast on, started knitting and got about 6 rows in when I realized that I'd somehow twisted my stitches and I was knitting a mobieus. Fantastic. This dress and I are not friends.

Knit in Cascade Heritage Silk in Charcoal

I'm also working on some Christmas gifts, so obviously no pictures or list of that. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprises!

If I can get some serious knitting done in the next few weeks, I'd also like to cast on for a Gathering Stripes sweater for Jack for Christmas. We'll see. I really need to finish some of my other Christmas knitting (including my mom's featherweight) and at least his blanket, his hat and the Clara dress before casting on anything else.

Do your fingers hurt thinking about this? Mine do!

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