I'm sitting here sipping my third cup of coffee for today and watching the snow swirl outside. The wind is absolutely howling and it is downright miserable out there. I'm usually cold, and haven't been feeling well for the last few days, so I'm especially cold. It's the kind of cold you just can't shake - the kind that lingers in your bones. So, as I sit here drinking my coffee, trying to warm up - it dawns on me that I'm lucky I knit. I'm wearing a ridiculous amount of hand-knits right now and without them I would definitely not be as warm (nor as comfortable). I'm aware that I don't match and I'm probably committing several other fashion faux paus, but I don't care. From head to toes: a hat, a Honey Cowl, my Calligraphy Cardigan, fingerless mitts, and socks. I'd probably wear a pair of knit pants right now if I had them. So not only are my knits warm and comfortable, but they're pretty, and each garment has a story. I couldn't be happier, even if I am miserably cold.

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