After my post about the yarn saga, I figure I owe you a status update on the Rocky Coast Cardigan. Let me first start by saying I love this yarn. It is so soft and the cables look fantastic - not to mention the color is exactly what I wanted. However, it's a DK weight and the pattern calls for worsted, so I had to do some math (admittedly, not my strong suit) to figure out the right size. With the all-over cabling it's much harder to knit an "in between" size, like I normally do. I can usually adjust stitch counts without a problem, but I wasn't sure how that would effect the all-over cable repeat.

I did my gauge swatch and I got 5.75 stitches & 6.5 rows per inch; the pattern calls for 4 stitches & 5 rows per inch. The pattern calls for 4-6 inches of positive ease and Hannah herself suggests sizing up when in doubt. I also know that Hannah's patterns, in my size, tend to run a bit tighter than I like. So armed with all of that information, I decided I wanted a finished measurement that matched the 43" size - to fit my 34" bust. With my yarn substitution, that meant I needed to follow the stitch counts for the 60" size.

I cast on for it last Friday, learned how to cable without a cable needle (amazing!) and zoomed right through the raglan increases. The first time I had to add a cable repeat was a little confusing, but I figured it out and it was smooth sailing. I found that placing extra markers at the beginning of each increase really helped.

On Wednesday, I divided for the sleeves and was able to try it on. It fit exactly how I want it to fit - after blocking. I'm a little bit bummed that I need to start over, but in the end it will be worth it. Instead of frogging, I wound a new skein and cast on following the 55" size stitch counts. I'll finish the increases and decide which fit I like better. Right now, I'm about halfway through the increases.

This KAL runs for several months, so I'm in no hurry to finish this, except for wanting to wear it soon. The good news is that it seems to go quickly, so once I get the sizing issue figured out it should knit up pretty fast.


  1. Beautiful! The cables look fantastic and I love the yarn.

    1. Thank you! Despite the setbacks I'm still very excited about this sweater.

  2. i'm really loving the look of that pattern repeat, hoping to see it finished soon!
    and kudos for getting right to doing it again, despite such a setback. that sort of thing always takes guts.

    1. Thank you! I like to think I'm determined, but most would probably consider me stubborn. ;)


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