First things first - the winner of the project bag giveaway is Mary/May! Congratulations to her, and thanks to all who entered! 

When I think of Calligraphy I think of fanciness and frills - hand written letters that scroll across an envelope. When you see your name in written in calligraphy it generally signals A.BIG.DEAL. Usually it's a stuffy affair where you wear a fancy dress, eat fancy food and have a great time. Usually. The Calligraphy cardigan is anything but stuffy, and certainly not fancy (at least not mine). My cardigan is soft and comfortable. It's like wearing a really old pair of broken in jeans. It just feels good.

I fully admit that the pictures accompanying this post are not good. It's overcast here (and likely will be until April, thanks to Pittsburgh's lovely weather). I tried my best and will happily edit new ones in when I can get some better pictures. In the mean time, please accept my apologies.

I knit mine with a lot of positive ease (over 4 inches, which is a lot for a cardigan like this). I like things to be big and slouchy. I knew I wouldn't wear it nearly as much (if at all) if it clung to me. To some, it might look sloppy, but to me it's comfortable. I knit the 38.25 inch size, which would have given me about 4 inches of ease. Though, I wasn't paying enough attention and I swatched on size 5 needles, then knit my sweater with size 6 by accident. So, there's that. I ended up with more ease than I planned. Total rookie mistake, but oh well. I still love the sweater!

Calligraphy by knitwisepurwise
The most accurate picture of the true color of the sweater.
I'm not 100% sold on the button bands. I think they might be too floppy and I'm debating re-doing them. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I then have to sew the buttons on again and I hate sewing buttons. If you're part of the Yarniacs KAL on Ravelry, you've seen me complain plenty about the button bands and buttons. I would have finished this sweater 2 weeks ago, had it not been for the button bands and buttons. I dread them that much. I do love the buttons I found though. They're 7/8" instead of 1", so I made my buttonholes one stitch smaller than called for.

I'm already planning a few more sweaters to knit this year. I've been eyeing a Rocky Coast Cardigan (to fuel my Hannah Fettig obsession), Ease by Alicia Plummer, Olive by Helga Isager, Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig, and I want to adapt Bulle by Karen Borrel to adult size. Yeah, just a few. I have a couple of friends having babies this year, plus my own kids, so I'm sure I'll be knitting some tiny sweaters too.

Anyone else knitting a sweater this year? Or sweaters? What's on your list?

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