On Wednesday, I posted Part 1 of my needle quest. If you didn't read that - long story short, I had KnitPicks needles, but was looking to replace them. I'm picky and it took a long time. I know the suspense is killing you, so I'll just get it over with. It was after weeks of research that I finally decided on the ChiaoGoo Twist set.

While I was at my LYS test driving needles, they recommended the ChiaoGoo (chow-goo) Twist needles, but I quickly dismissed them because "I don't like metal needles" (famous last words). I didn't love anything I tried that day (all bamboo), so I kept looking. All of my research led me back to the ChiaoGoo Twist, so I ordered a set of tips and a cable on eBay. I knit with them for all of 5 minutes before I fell completely in love. I may have even let out an excited squeal. Maybe.

They're stainless steel, so they're not as slippery as aluminum needles, but more slippery than bamboo. The tips are super pointy (but not enough to hurt you when you knit), the cables are fantastic, and the join is a dream. I don't think I could have dreamt up better needles. Honestly. (And no they're not paying me for this. Heck ChiaoGoo has no idea who I am).

You may notice that the size 9 needles are missing. That's because as soon as I got the package open, I ripped those suckers out and shoved took them out and threaded them into Ease (my current sweater WIP). I'm patient like that. 

The ChiaoGoo set has a couple of extra "features" that I wasn't looking for, but are awesome to have. For one, the needles are imprinted with the size. They also come with an awesome labeled case, with room to grow (you can see my extra set of 4" size 6 tips in the picture below), a ruler, connectors, keys, cable caps, and a chart showing the different sizes available. You can also buy the Spin cables to use with the Twist set, since both ChiaoGoo needle sets are completely interchangeable. The Spin cables, well, spin. I love that. There have been a few times where I find myself getting caught up on my cable because it's so twisted. Well, no more. I ordered my most used sizes in the Spin cables too.

I ordered the complete RED Lace set from handsomefibers.com. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough - I placed my order at 5:15 (Eastern) on Friday, it shipped by 5:45 and I received it Monday at 1:30. I may or may not have been sitting by the window waiting for the mail man. Katie also offers a discount to returning customers, so I was able to save 10% on my order. (She's not paying me either, promise).

All in all, I'm still shocked that I picked metal needles. They meet all of my requirements, but I'm still getting used to the noise of knitting with metal needles.

Again, I'm not getting paid or perked for any of this. I just wanted to share my love of the ChiaoGoo needles (and Katie's awesome service).


  1. Interesting results. I've never heard of this brand. I would love my circs to have the sizes imprinted on them....very useful.

    1. I had heard of ChiaoGoo but didn't know anything about them before I started really researching new needles. From what I can tell, they are highly recommended (and live up to the hype!).

  2. Now you have me thinking about a new set of interchangeable needles. I have the nickel plated set from knitpicks, and considering the price they have lasted a long time. But I'm tired of the needles denting and being bent, and the cables breaking.


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