I hate to rip out my knitting. I hate feeling like I wasted time knitting something just to rip it out. I'm pretty sure that goes without saying - I'm sure most knitters feel the same way. You know what I hate more than ripping out my knitting? A garment that I don't like the look of, doesn't fit, or I won't wear. So there's something really satisfying about seeing your errors and course correcting along way. I think that's why I love knitting so much. There are all sorts of deviations you can take on patterns - put your own spin on your work. I like that. I like that there exists a set of rules (a pattern) and I'm allowed to break them.

I should have finished Ease on Friday, but I made a course correction that derailed my progress all weekend. I was picking up the stitches for the cowl collar when I realized that I didn't like the way they looked at all. The seam was really, really obvious and it just didn't flow well with the relaxed nature of the rest of the sweater. After some fiddling around, I decided that I wanted to knit the collar in garter stitch instead of stockinette. Not a big deal to do and it will add some texture to an otherwise plain sweater. The first purl row helps hide the oddly picked-up stitches. Which by the way are no fault of the pattern, or the knitter for that matter - I blame the yarn. The stitch definition on this DiC is incredible to the point of being annoying. It's so stiff.

Anyway, I knit the collar and realized that the ribbed cuffs and bottom hem didn't really match. So I ripped those out and I'm reknitting them. I was able to finish the sleeve cuffs over the weekend, but I still have about half of the bottom hem to go. I should be able to finish it today, but definitely tomorrow - I have to meet my sweater-a-month deadline, after all. Can you believe it's almost MAY?!

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