This little sweater has been languishing in my WIP pile since the beginning of June. I started it at the end of May, quickly made it through the body, promptly tossed it into the WIP basket and forgot about it. Oops! I'm not in a hurry to finish a long-sleeved, cowl neck sweater for my "always runs hot" 3 year old. By his own choice I'm sure he'll wear it constantly. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite understand dressing for the weather yet.

I ordered some custom buttons for it around the same time that I tossed this into the WIP basket, and when they arrived last week I was reminded that I should probably finish the sweater. It's another Gathering Stripes. Jack needs a decent sweater and since he likes stripes it seems like a perfect match. He picked the color combo, which reminds me of Superman.

And yes, I'm still having the epic dog fur battle. Thanks for noticing.


  1. Those buttons are AMAZING! I know a few grown men who would be envious of this button/sweater combo.

  2. Just about everything I own has dog and/or cat fur on it. I love the stripes.

  3. SUPERMAN! Those buttons are awesome!

  4. Love it, those buttons are great!


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