I don't know about you, but I am always intrigued by what other knitters keep in their notions bag. Call me nosy, or curious. Are they a minimalist or Mary Poppins? I'm the Mary Poppins type for sure. I was a Girl Scout at one point in my life and I guess the motto of "always be prepared" stuck with me. Or was that Boy Scouts? Either way, you get my point. I carry a lot of stuff.

Here's what I have in my notions bag on any given day. This doesn't include my needle case (that's a feature for another day and another post) or my project bag (again, another day, another post).

notions bag by knitwisepurlwise

I keep it crammed full. It's probably a little uncomfortable in there, but, like I said, I like to be prepared. I didn't clean it out or do anything other than dump it out and arrange like items together before snapping the pictures. Hence the 2 pairs of scissors, yarn labels, and scraps of yarn. Don't judge.

spilled notions bag by knitwisepurlwise

I added the links so you can quickly find anything you may want to add to your notions bag. I don't get anything out of the deal.
  1. Le Sportsac retangular cosmetic bag
  2. Double ended stitch holders
  3. Madelinetosh yarn label & a kitchener stitch reminder from Blarney Yarns
  4. Assorted cable needles and 2 crochet hooks (for fixing mistakes)
  5. Retractable tape measure
  6. Dental floss for lifelines (no, I don't floss and knit at the same time)
  7. Needle size ID tags because I am forever "borrowing" needles and promptly forgetting what size I was using
  8. Scissors
  9. Clover darning needle set
  10. Nail smoothing block because I seem to have ragged nails a lot and they always get caught on my yarn
  11. A gauge swatch and notes for my Calligraphy Cardigan, and scraps of yarn
  12. Notion case for stitch markers and other little bits
notions case by knitwisepurlwise

And because I love my hot pink notions case so much - here's a close up. It opens to 1 large compartment, 2 medium compartments, and 3 small compartments. It's the perfect size for holding various stitch markers (1, 2, 3, 4), cable caps, and cable keys. Maybe that's why it's called The Perfect Notions Case? Maybe.

So, what's in your notions bag? Are you a Mary Poppins like me, or more of a minimalist?


  1. I am totally Mary Poppins, but a much messier MP. My notions are partially in a small cosmetics bag and partially flung into various spaces in my large project bag. :-)

    1. I definitely have a few odds and ends in various project bags, and my needle case and knitting bag are a mess. At least my notions bag is somewhat organized!

    2. By the way, the nail file is a brilliant idea. I'm going to pop one into my bag (somewhere)!

  2. My notions are scattered about. I'm not nearly this organized. I should take note. Because, I would probably have more time to knit if I didn't have to spend time looking for things. :-D

  3. Where did you get such a great notions case?!?!? LOVE IT!

    1. It's a LeSportsac cosmetics pouch (the link is at the end of the post). I'm not sure what prints they currently offer, but they do still sell this size. I got mine 5 or 6 years ago. I hope that helps!


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