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If you take a look at my Ravelry projects page, you can see that I really like knitting for kids. [Sidenote: every project gets added there, not every project gets blogged, so if you really want to see what I'm up to, you can add me on Ravelry, too!] I admit, the projects are heavily biased towards my daughter. What can I say - the girly patterns are so much cuter! I think I might have knit 2 hats for my son, ever.

Jack is 3.5 and has a total opinion about what he wears everyday. If we're staying home, he insists on pajamas (and I don't mind!). If we're going anywhere (and I mean anywhere - grocery store, playground, post office), his first outfit choice is always a button-down dress shirt and corduroy pants. Even in 85 degree heat. Last week, I tried to get him to wear shorts with his dress shirt (one battle at a time) and that didn't go well. He wore the pants.

Needless to say, if I knit him something, I want to make sure he's going to wear it. For almost a year now, I've occasionally asked if he wants me to knit him something. The answer has always been "no". A few weeks ago, we had a familiar conversation - I told him that I really want to make something for him, he said no. I figured that was my effort for the time being and we'd revisit soon. Imagine my surprise when a few hours later we had this conversation:

"Mama, do you want to make me a sweater? I might like that."
"I would love to. What color do you want it to be?"
"....hmmm....ALL THE COLORS!"

The next day, I got out the appropriately stashed yarn and let him pick. He chose a really great, deep blue and red. The blue looks either navy or bright depending on the light. I'm making him a Gathering Stripes and he already loves it. "Mama, did you knit the third stripe yet? How about the fourth stripe? .... How many stripes does it have now?"

Last night I finished the body and in the next few days I'll do the sleeves. It'll be finished in just enough time for Summer to be in full swing. I really hope he doesn't want to wear it everyday.


  1. That's a realy cool sweater! And I think it will look great with cords. ;)

  2. Great story and sweater! I'm a sucker for stripes. My son had this thing for canvas blazers for a long time, I completely get it. Maybe you can get him to rock a cardigan some day? He sounds spiffy!


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