Since my last post was about a sweater for my son, I figure it's only fair to dedicate this post to the dress I'm making for my daughter. I'm knitting her a Goldilocks by Justyna Lorkowska. Justyna is hosting a KAL in her group on Ravelry for Goldilocks through the end of July, if you want to join in the fun! There's also a great thread that offers some tips for the pattern.

The pattern offers instructions for two lengths - a tunic and a dress. I'm knitting the dress. Grace is at an age where her chest measurement will likely stay the same (or only fluctuate slightly) for the next few years, but she's going to get taller. For reference her brother is 2 years older, but his chest measurement is only an inch bigger. So as she grows, the dress will still fit, it will just become a tunic and then a t-shirt. If I played my cards right, she could really get three years of wear out of this. I know that's pretty optimistic, but it could happen!

I decided to use Malabrigo Sock. I'm in love. It is the softest sock yarn - it drapes beautifully (more than I thought it would!), it's really light, and it's machine washable. It doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait, it does because I'm using Light of Love. Light of Love is the most gorgeous orangey-pink. I'm almost tempted to knit myself a sweater or top out of it.

I only have the sleeves and bottom cable details to finish on the dress, so I'm hoping I can finish today or tomorrow!

What are you working on (knitting or otherwise)?


  1. what a lovely project and great colour selections, love it!

  2. That's what I like to see: Optimism. (Three years of wear, it could happen!) Charming dress, beautifully knit. Looking forward to seeing the FO.

  3. Beautiful project! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is a lovely yarn. It will look beautiful for years to come.

  5. Such a lovely color and pattern!! the perfect little girl's dress :) Baby knits intimidate me so much because I hate the thought of putting so much work into a garment that will only be worn a few times. so I love your idea!


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