I've been on a mitt(en) knitting spree lately. In the last month, I've knit four pairs. Two of them for my kids (one pair for each kid) and two for me. Fair, right?

Both for both kid pairs, I used the Kveta Mitt pattern by Monika Sirna, just opted for different embellishments. For my daughter, I chose to crochet some flowers. Her mitts have fold over cuffs on both ends. The top cuff will cover her fingers when fully extended. They're not the best snow mittens, but they did a great job this fall keeping her tiny hands warm while still allowing her to play.

My son decided he wanted a sea theme for his mitts, so I embellished them with an octopus and a fish with bubbles. He loves them! His don't have the fold over cuffs, since he didn't want them. He likes to wear his mitts with those cheapy 3/$1 mittens underneath anyway. And again, they add some warmth without restricting his hands at all.

After knitting mitts for both of the kids, I realized that I don't have any mittens. So I made a pair of Kveta Mittens for me. They're reverse stockinette, which I love. It adds just a tiny bit of texture to a relatively simple pattern.

I still hadn't had enough of mitten knitting, so I knit a pair of A Time to Reap mitts. Pattern is by Melissa Schaschwary. These are perfect to wear when I need some dexterity. They're slouchy and casual, and oh so warm!

All of the mitt(ens) were fun to knit, but especially the kids mitts. They were super quick, too (added bonus of tiny knits). All pattern notes and yarn details can be found on my project pages


  1. All 4 pairs are so awesome! The kiddie versions are so cute (the sea theme is amazing!) and I love, love, love the two pairs you made for yourself. Got to stay warm, right?

  2. I love knitted mittens! Yours are so beautiful and the ones for the kids are adorable!


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