I didn't even plan to knit something for my sister-in-law for Christmas. In fact, her present was already wrapped under my tree when I came across the Regina hat pattern by Carina Spencer. I immediately knew I had to knit it for Kim. It just spoke to me in that weird way that knitting patterns can kind of call your name.

It has this beautiful fan detail, kind of Art Deco. It stands out against the reverse stockinette, and is really the focus of the hat.

Regina by knitwisepurlwise

Anyway, I finished the rest of my Christmas knitting and decided that since I still had plenty of time (and yarn, let's be real here) that I would knit it for her as an "extra" present. There's no such thing as too many presents, if you ask me.

Like all of Carina's patterns, it is so cleverly written - it held my attention throughout. It's a free pattern on Ravelry, which I always appreciate. Even better, she wrote this pattern with guidelines to use any weight yarn from sock weight up to worsted weight. Again, very clever. I did have to do some math (and I'm still not sure I did it right) to figure out the increases and decreases, but after that it was totally smooth sailing.

Regina by knitwisepurlwise

It took a few hours to knit, a few more to dry, and about 5 minutes to sew the fan detail down.

Regina by knitwisepurlwise

I'm already brainstorming what colors I want to knit mine in. You knew I couldn't just knit one, right?

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  1. What a pretty hat! Your sister-in-law is very lucky!


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