We have a white dog - he's a labrador retriever/beagle mix and pretty darn cute. Except when he gets himself stuck inside my duvet cover. Yes, that actually happened. No, I have no idea how he got himself in there, especially considering I had to unbutton the entire thing to get him out. I wish I had thought enough to get a picture because it is hilarious to me now (it really wasn't so funny at 5am).

I'm also not amused by the white fur everywhere, all the time (both labs and beagles tend to shed a lot). I'm really not amused by it after I've spent a half hour taking pictures of some knitting, uploaded and started editing the pictures before realizing that there is dog fur all over the garments. Grrr...

That's exactly what happened yesterday while trying to take some progress shots of my Tiny Rocky Coast. The deep plum is a great choice for a toddler sweater (it won't show stains very easily), unless she lives with a white dog. I've apparently also knit a lot of dog fur into the sweater. That was fun to pick out, since the lint roller didn't get it all.

I have about 5 rows left before I start the ribbing on the body. I've decided to make it an inch longer than the pattern calls for, just in case my daughter has a massive growth spurt over the summer. I have plenty of yarn, so I think I'll also make the sleeves longer than the pattern calls for. 

I'm really enjoying knitting this, despite the millions of cables and fingering weight yarn. I love, love, love the texture that the cable pattern produces. I can't wait to see this on my daughter - it's going to be so cute!

I also had a serious bout of "must cast on all the things" this past weekend, so I have at least 5 WIPs right now, not counting the Colorblock Shawl I'll be starting next week for the KAL. I'm a fairly monogamous knitter with only one or two active WIPs at any given time, so this is a stretch for me. Most of the WIPs have deadlines and several are gifts, but despite those pressures, I can't stop knitting this sweater. Like I said, I love this cable pattern.

How many (active) WIPs do you have at any given time? Is it weird that I only work on one or two at a time?


  1. Love the color and the texture! It will be so cute on her!


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